FFC Therapy with Artist (Andy Dass)


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MENTAL health is often misunderstood by the average person; because it’s not quantifiable to them. We are frustrated or confused by the lack of empathy from others; when experiencing our mental health exhaustion. What we feel is not often a reflection of what others see about us. Healthy dialogue in safe spaces will allow others to understand how we are feeling. The backward word represents how some may interpret how we are; as opposed to who we are; or what we are experiencing. We challenge you to use the mirror selfies to allow the world to view you accurately. The mirror represents a conduit to help connect us to how we view ourselves. We want to start a dialogue about how to view our mental health with the correct tools.


Our ASSETS consist of solace in positive mental stimulation; establishing boundaries for ourselves; as well as others. The days of lingering LIABILITIES such as; conforming to rigged ideologies of what is acceptable; will be behind us. Our only true luxuries are our TIME and our HEALTH.


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