Our Work

Research on cancer shows that health and wellness is an important aspect of battling and surviving cancer which includes emotional support and finding hope and inspiration. FFC, in collaboration with the fashion community, is an important partner in providing that much-needed emotional support and provides ways to regain hope and inspiration. FFC’s therapeutic workshops and seminars are offered free to cancer patients and survivors. These workshops and seminars use fashion- and design-related disciplines in a variety of activities that act as soothing therapy. Internationally-acclaimed fashion designers donate their time, studio space, and work with participants to create unique, one-of-a-kind designer products.

Research on the kind of creative therapies that FFC provides not only shows the connection to improved health outcomes, reduction of pain, and such physiological responses as reduction of blood pressure, more restful sleep, and boosting the immune system (Stuckey & Nobel, 2010), but helps cancer patients to express themselves through fashion and design creations and, in the process, allows them to turn their experiences into expressions, fears into fashion, and renewed hope into healing.

FFC in action

We invite you to get to know us better through the following videos of FFC workshops:

FFC Master Class with Michelle Obama’s DNC Dress Designer Tracy Reese

FFC Master Class with CFDA Winner Pamela Love

FFC Master Class with Super Model Saskia de Brauw

FFC Master class with CFDA Winner Whitney Pozgay

What our patients and designers say about FFC:

“It made a tangible difference in a world of uncertainty. FFC should be on every prescription.” (Cancer patient, B.W.)

“Fashion Fights Cancer is such an amazing and inspiring organization when it comes to helping cancer patients and survivors enrich their mind and body. When I learned about all of the great opportunities the FFC has to offer, I couldn’t wait to get involved.”- (Christian Siriano)

“I support FFC because cancer is an illness that has touched everyone in some way — and if you’ve been more closely affected, you know that there is an overwhelming feeling of helplessness that comes with the great sadness, so if there is any opportunity to do something, anything, i want to seize it.” (Leandra Medine Man Repeller)

“It brings strength and hope and faith into your mind…you get the strength that you need for your body to fight what’s going on.” (J. C. Cancer Patient)

“I used to be so angry. I was going to kill myself. I got into drugs and alcohol. I wanted to destroy words, never talk to anybody. But now…I’m actually getting my voice back. The fact that my words can be…a form of communication and art, that really means something.” (FFC Cancer Patient and Saskia de Brauw Photoshoot Participant)

“…the most exciting thing is everybody comes together, and talking about their own experience and what they’ve been through, and knowing that we can make it through.” (Fashion photographer and collegial friend lost to cancer, Chayo Mata)

“It’s been great to be in a designer studio and be around all of this creative energy. And whether you come here with an idea or no idea, they’re all here to help you…It’s been great to come somewhere that’s not ‘the-thing-you-think about-every-day’ or the concern of everyday and just forget all of that and do something fabulous for you.” (Cancer patient, B. W.)

“If I meet anyone affected by cancer, I will let them know about this program, and how it has also healed me.” (Cancer patient, C. A.)

“Whether it’s making jewelry or sewing a dress, it’s not the finished product that matters most. It’s the laughter and camaraderie we share that means so much to me. Like a hemstitch, we share a thread that’s hidden, but integral to the structure of our lives. Cancer may be unfashionable, but FFC knows that making new friends never goes out of style.” (Cancer patient, A.G.)

“Interacting with these beautiful, strong women and sharing our stories with each other while engaging in a creative process was really the highlight of the year for me…Fashion Fights Cancer is involved in the best side of the fashion industry—the power to transform how we feel, how we look at ourselves, and each other.” (Jane Ibrahim, Designer, Maisonette 1977, Workshop Provider and Cancer Survivor)

“An amazing opportunity to help…” (Tracy Reese, FFC Workshop Facilitator)

“This program is not only innovative, but it is also highly compassionate and therapeutic. We at Beth Israel and Continuum Cancer Centers of New York are pleased to contribute to this gratifying program.” (Dr. Seth Resnick, Director of Cancer Supportive Services at Beth Israel Medical Center, New York)