Founded in 2004, Fashion Fights Cancer is a non-profit organization that offers innovative and therapeutic programs in fashion and design that help with the battle and recovery process of cancer. Our mission at Fashion Fights Cancer is to nurture the minds, bodies, and souls of patients and survivors of cancer through the fashion and design activities offered throughout the year. 


FFC was founded to act as a sanctuary for cancer patients. In collaboration with local communities and international fashion houses, FFC seeks to empower cancer patients, survivors, and those who have been affected by the devastating illness in communities throughout the United States and internationally. 


2004- Fashion Fights Cancer was founded 

2009 – FFC program works with St Jude

2012- Featured in TWELV Magazine and featured Saskia De Brauw 

2017,2018, 2019  –  FFC takes program to Canada

2019- Therapeutic Online Workshops 


These fashion and design programs are conceptualized as online and offline masterclass workshops where participants are encouraged to share their struggles, post-traumatic experiences, fears, hopes, and anything concerning their experience living with cancer. Cancer is the second most common death in the U.S. Throughout the years FFC has helped more than 300 patients, 99% of which were women and 1% were men. Over 3,000 volunteers have helped us serve these patients, and we’ve counted on the support of thousands of donors. 

Cancer and Mental Health. 

Cancer is a devastating disease that can cause patients/survivors to suffer from mental health problems. Cancer affects more than 10% of patients with the side effect of depression or anxiety. 


Most patients experience some form of a mood disorder upon being diagnosed. Chemicals produced by cancer cause the brain to change and develop certain psychological and emotional stress factors. The mood of the patient can affect the progression of the illness and can create manifestations within the body. Associating positive experiences with the healing process aids in creating that inside the body. 


Depressive symptoms increase the mortality rate of patients by 25% and are 3 times higher than the general population. Along with the pain of being diagnosed with the illness, different types of medications cause depression as well. 


Anxiety in patients stems from a variety of fears such as, change of appearance, death, loss of independence, weakness and the fear of the cancer spreading. Anxiety causes disruption in the healing process and can lead to other severe side effects.

Practices such as monitoring the body and therapy sessions are used to reduce the level of stress that comes along with the worry of cancer. Although these practices do not prevent anxiety or depression, they manage and control it. 


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“Interacting with these beautiful, strong women and sharing our stories with each other while engaging in a creative process was really the highlight of the year for me…Fashion Fights Cancer is involved in the best side of the fashion industry—the power to transform how we feel, how we look at ourselves, and each other.”

Jane Ibrahim, Designer, Maisonette 1977, Workshop Provider and Cancer Survivor

“I am honored to be a part of the launch of Fashion Fights Cancer and I look forward to joining the fight that effects each and every one of us.” 

Lyn Devon Fashion Designer

“Fashion Fights Cancer is such an amazing and inspiring organization when it comes to helping cancer patients and survivors enrich their mind and body. When I learned about all of the great opportunities the FFC has to offer, I couldn’t wait to get involved.”

Christian Siriano Fashion Designer

“After being part of a fashion photography workshop for cancer survivors organized by FFC, I realized how important it is for patients and survivors to experience joy and laughter as part of their healing process. Taking their mind away from their illness is crucial to recovery.” 

Saskia de Brauw Super Model FFC Work Shop Facilitator

“Cancer is complex, mysterious and devastating. The fashion world is a powerful group to rally the rest of the world to help find answers, solace and cures.” 

- Inez & Vinoodh, Creative Director Duo and Fashion Photographers

“Like many families, Cancer hit home for me. My mom survived one the worst cases of Mouth Cancer.  It was a difficult journey and I love how FCC gives the Fashion Industry a platform to make a difference with those battling Cancer.”

Pooja Designer of 6 Shore Road 

Marc : “I have decided to support the mission and to donate to Fashion Fights Cancer, cause I lost my mother to Cancer and I think if I can help a bit by donating some of my time, share what makes me happy and pass that on to people who came to the class, than I think it is great” 

 Marc Alary Jewelry Designer

FFC Workshop Facilitator

Tracy Reese Fashion Designer

“FFC was an amazing opportunity to help…”

Tracy Reese

FFC Workshop Facilitator

“Cancer is a disease that’s touched everyone. We all have friends or family who’ve struggled with it.  So why not work together on a fun way to raise money and awareness?”

- Mickey Boardman Paper Magazine

“I support FFC because cancer is an illness that has touched everyone in some way — and if you’ve been more closely affected, you know that there is an overwhelming feeling of helplessness that comes with the great sadness, so if there is any opportunity to do something, anything, i want to seize it.”

Leandra Medine Blogger ManRepeller