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I’m sure we are familiar with the term: “Health is Wealth.” For many years ,we’ve neglected the intersection of MENTAL HEALTH and WEALTH accumulation. NET WORTH is determined; ASSETS minus LIABILITIES. In the MENTAL WEALTH realm; our true ASSETS can’t be measured in financial instruments. 

Our ASSETS consist of solace and positive mental stimulation; establishing boundaries for ourselves; as well as others. The days of lingering LIABILITIES such as; conforming to ridged ideologies of what is acceptable; will be behind us. Our only true luxuries are our TIME and our HEALTH.

MENTAL health is often misunderstood by the average person; because it’s not quantifiable to them. We are frustrated or confused by the lack of empathy from others; if we are experiencing mental health exhaustion. What we feel, is not often, a reflection of what others see about us. Healthy dialogue in safe spaces will allow others to empathize how we are feeling.

The backward word represents how some may interpret how we are; as opposed to who we are; or what we are experiencing. We challenge you to use the mirror selfies to allow the world to view the backward word from a different lens. The words; and the mirror represent a conduit to help connect us through dialogue; and the adequate tools for understanding Mental Health.

Introducing the future of phones – a biodegradable phone case with absolutely no plastic. The material used for this phone case won’t add to the landfill, it becomes biodegradable in just 160 days. Made of PLA plant polymer with a bamboo binder. This is what you need today. Join the movement, stay ECO.

.: Slim form and lightweight
.: Precise cut outs for connectivity
.: Supports wireless charging
.: Might have a natural scent
.: Gift packaging available

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