FFC Therapy Podcast aids the FFC Therapy mission. 

Join us and our renowned guests in talking about today’s hottest topics. Nothing is off the limits in this podcast. 

Hear your favorite celebrities and leaders talk about what’s in the news today, and get the chance to hear them answer some of your questions. 

Pilot. In this episode, we introduce the audience to Fashion Fights Cancer’s mission and work through our panelist Ty Canty, President and Founder of the organization, Xinque Duax Program Facilitator at FFCa, and Manuela Rigaud Theodore clinical psychologist at FFC.

In this episode, we discuss the impact of the pandemic on the fashion industry. The hardships the fashion houses, designers, and fashion magazines are facing and how they are trying to adjust. Our Panelists Jason Wu, Francesca Liberatore, Monique Pean, Byron Lars, and Ty Canty answer a series of questions of the host Marisa Lee and touch upon relevant topics such as BLM.