Fashion Fights Cancer offers a variety of fashion design-oriented therapeutic programs that are the foundation of our mission. The core of our programming is to help cancer patients, survivors, and their loved ones. Our virtual workshops are supporting all communities that deal with mental health which is a communal issue not just an individual one. Through our programs, we aim to combat mental health issues and put an end to depression and anxiety that often comes from dealing with correlating challenges.

Fashion has proven to be a very powerful tool that heals and connects us all. FFC cultivates relationships with many of the top international fashion designers and artists to share their time and talent into bringing mental health awareness, creating a space for healing and emotional wellbeing.

Our therapeutic programs are designed based on extensive research which outlines the benefits of creative art therapy and its positive connection to improve health outcomes, including the reduction in pain, as well as overall wellness. Our programs provide participants the opportunity to explore new internal and external support systems while learning innovative ways to express themselves and find their voice through fashion and art.

Fashion Fights Cancer Therapeutic programs help create a source of cathartic relief providing a haven to share thoughts, express struggles, and mental health challenges. Through art therapy, our workshops enable the participants to develop new friendships, gain new skills and create beautiful pieces that commemorate their experience.



Our patients on FFC:

  • “It made a tangible difference in a world of uncertainty. FFC should be on every prescription.” (Cancer patient, B.W.)
  • “It brings strength and hope and faith into your mind…you get the strength that you need for your body to fight what’s going on.” (J. C. Cancer Patient)
  • “…the most exciting thing is everybody comes together, and talking about their own experience and what they’ve been through, and knowing that we can make it through.” (Fashion photographer and collegial friend lost to cancer, Chayo Mata)
  • “It’s been great to be in a designer studio and be around all of this creative energy. And whether you come here with an idea or no idea, they’re all here to help you…It’s been great to come somewhere that’s not ‘the-thing-you-think about-every-day’ or the concern of everyday and just forget all of that and do something fabulous for you.” (Cancer patient, B. W.)
  • “If I meet anyone affected by cancer, I will let them know about this program, and how it has also healed me.” (Cancer patient, C. A.)
  • “Whether it’s making jewelry or sewing a dress, it’s not the finished product that matters most. It’s the laughter and camaraderie we share that means so much to me. Like a hemstitch, we share a thread that’s hidden, but integral to the structure of our lives. Cancer may be unfashionable, but FFC knows that making new friends never goes out of style.” (Cancer patient, A.G.)

FFC Master Class with Super Model Saskia de Brauw

Fashion Fights Cancer Therapeutic Workshops help create a source of cathartic release forcancer patients and survivors. These workshops work with fashion industry experts to teach cancer patients, survivors and their caregivers about fashion and design related disciplines.

FFC Master Class with Michelle Obama’s DNC Dress Designer Tracy Reese

FFC Master Class with CFDA Winner Pamela Love

FFC Master class with CFDA Winner Whitney Pozgay

From our FFC Patients