Make A Custom Piece with Jewelry Designer Yves Spinelli

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Sit with luxury Jewelry designer Yves Spinelli and create a custom piece of Jewelry with him in his LA Studio!

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Sit with luxuryJewelry designer Yves Spinelli and create a custom piece of Jewelry!


Yves Spinelli was born in Honolulu, the son of Italian hairstylists. His introduction to the fashion world came through his father Antoine Spinelli, who spent time between Hawaii and New York City working alongside renowned hairstylists Paul Mitchell, Garren Defazio and Roger Thompson in the 70’s and 80’s.

Yves studied jewelry in high school at Punahou. After moving to Los Angeles in 1997, he began his career in luxury fashion working at the iconic boutique Maxfield, moving up to store manager and top salesperson of Maxfield Bleu from 2005 – 2009.

After years of working at Maxfield with some of the best designer collections in the world, Yves was inspired to start designing jewelry.