Daniel Berman – Shadow in your kitchen

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Daniel Berman – Shadow in your kitchen

Daniel Berman”s production is not only torrential and overflowing but also mutating as if it were a chameleon, it changes to support and scale to explore the possibilities of each technique to renew and expand its language. But in this unfolding of options, there is undoubtedly a common cotton that runs through his production and weaves together this inexhaustible formal search. And this is a two-dimensional cotton: the line of drawing and graphics experimenting with the possibilities of the series and often subverting traditional painting procedures to illuminate new plastic possibilities. At an iconographic level, we find a fixation on anthropomorphic figures, more than strictly human, as a receptacle to express the full range of emotions of the modern subject. Sometimes he appropriates popular characters to tune them until they are almost unrecognisable, making them something deeper and more personal. The vaguely human bodies he draws tend to be threadlike; this anatomical peculiarity makes them labial, capable of twisting and fragmenting to adopt unlikely postures. As if Berman showed us to what extent these beings can only show their joyful vitality through contortion. Despite this fixation on the corporeal that is often specified in ultra-baroque compositions, in his latest works it tends to dissolve, to such a level of fragmentation and blurring that his paintings flirt more and more openly with abstraction.

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Daniel Berman – Shadow in your kitchen

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I was born and raised in Connecticut, and have spent the majority of my life since then between New York, Provincetown, South Florida, and St. Maarten. From a young age, I’ve been extremely energetic—an ADD kid to the max. As you can imagine, it was an interesting childhood, most especially for my mother. But, thankfully, I was never put in a box. Despite my limitations, I’ve always managed to channel my energy into creative outlets. And for the past four years, my passion project has been painting. This project has developed into my brand and lifestyle, which I call Abstract3dSoul. It all started one summer in Provincetown, an idyllic community at the tip of Cape Cod famous for being an artists’ haven. Surrounded by bay and ocean and whorls of golden light, I picked up a paintbrush for the first time and let all of the creative energy flow out of me and onto the canvas. The result was astounding: a work that captures who I am and the abstract way in which I perceive the world. Since then, I’ve been making art almost every day as both an emotional release and therapy. Some of the motifs that thread my pieces together are power, boldness, intensity, spontaneity, color, chaos, and love. But, overall, I like to think of my art as a celebration of life and all the heightened emotions that accompany it. My hope is that my paintings will challenge you, the viewer, to look at the world from a more abstract perspective.

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Lot #74926

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