Brian Sanchez – Infanta Margarita

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Brian Sanchez – Infanta Margarita

Since I was little, with a Perthes disease that prevented me from walking until I was 9 years old, I entertained myself for hours and hours just drawing the images from the books that my father owned. One day I recovered from my illness but the obsession with drawing stayed with me. I discovered that this would be my vocation and my need.

In a certain way, when I start a work, it is as if I were beginning a journey. A journey that explores my past, philosophy and the human subconscious. My creations, in my view, are very symbolic. There are many elements in it that have latent meanings, whether collective or personal. They also have a strong philosophical and psychological charge, mainly delving into the subconscious and the dark part that we possess and repress, contrasting it with the pleasant or tender part that we want to simulate. The origin of things has a great meaning in my curiosity. This is how my inspiration arises in the world of childhood–as the origin of man-, abstract symbols that simulate cells–origin of life-, the wheel–origin of civilization. I also use circles to symbolize cycles of time and life. Passage of time, nostalgia, pain, loneliness, human darkness, disturbing and perhaps bitter elements, I contrast them as enigmas in environments of apparent calm or grace. Innocent figures in appearance, but with heartbreaking worlds, entangled with disturbing and enigmatic atmospheres are my characters and my works. The mountain also has a leading role in my work, both as an element of my personal roots and as a symbolic element of the ancestral roots of the nature of the human being and its collective unconscious. I exploit all the techniques, many times I even use unconventional materials until I reach the desired point of maximum expression.

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Brian Sanchez – Infanta Margarita

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I have influences as dissimilar as numerous. From the magical subtlety of the Flemish masters of the Middle Ages, through the magic of Rembrandt’s psychological depths and chiaroscuro, to the eccentric decorative art of Gustav Klimt. I am also fascinated by the idealized worlds of Marc Chagal, Pedro Pablo Oliva, Joan Miró, Calder, Chris Berens, Odd Nerdrum. Also for the psychology of C.G.Jung and the philosophies of J.Baudrillard or Aldous Huxley. “Within each person there is another person that they themselves do not know“. That will perhaps be an official motto to understand a little more the universe riddled with enigmas that is in my works. I currently live and work in Miami, Florida, United States.

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